Monday, November 9, 2009

I am not so good at this ye

t, so if things are messed up or mispelled that's pretty much your fault for forcing me to do this, goddammit. We were in Austin Texas last weekend, I mean my band THE NEW DUNCAN IMPERIALS, the least popular legendary band in the world, and while we driving to Houston Skipper and GT started demanding I write a blog, so I got on my kid's computer and after HOURS of my neck starting to hurt and my fingers too big for these little buttons here I am. I cannot over-emphasize how much of this is their idea, so when I have nothing to say like now that is pretty much their fault too.

We played some loud hot rock in Texas. We also drove around in Wet Dawg's 1978 Holiday Rambler motorhome. It is a spectacular vehicle. It has shag carpeting everywhere including the ceiling, which I think is intended to make a roll-over crash a little more comfortable and stylish. Other than my incorrect assumption that the toilet worked, this vehicle made the highway part of the trip more like the living room part of the trip. We talked and lied and listened to some music. Wet Dawg plays in lots of bands including ours sometimes and also El Orbits -- check out these hot-potatoes!

I am going to make a big old pork tenderloin for my kids now. The recipe I favor can be found here. I will post, as I think they say, more details of the Texas trip pretty soon. Maybe after dinner.


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